Bothkamp Australia Farm employs up to 25 contract personnel during seasonal peak periods every year. This is generally April to November. We offer exciting career opportunities in a supportive and innovative work environment.

We have onsite accommodation available, however highly recommend the following local backpackers and caravan parks in Kununurra. We offer free pick up at 5.30am and provide water and sunscreen to all our workers onsite.



Caravan Parks


Melon and pumpkin pickers are required for the peak harvesting season in Kununurra. We produce rockmelons, honeydew melons, butternut and jap pumpkins which need to be picked.

To register your interest in being a Bothkamp Picker please contact The Job Shop

Picking Supervisors

Picking supervisors manage the pickers for the season. They are the person responsible for the picking of all produce out in the fields. The position is both a supervisory as well as hands-on manual labour job.

To register your interest in being a Bothkamp Picking Supervisor please contact The Job Shop

Farm Hand

Farm Hands assist in the day-to-day operations of the farm onsite. Undertaking general farm duties and conduct regular maintenance, repairs, and upkeep of the farm.

To enquire for farm hand positions at Bothkamp please fill in the form below.

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