Bothkamp Farming

The Bothkamp Australia Farm’s commitment to the environment is recognised through farming operations centred on environmentally sustainable practices.

Water is one of our most precious resources and we recognise that. We constantly look for new and innovative ways to grow and give life in a water smart manner.

Sustainable Farming

At Bothkamp Australia Farm we practice the flood irrigation technique as the tried and tested way of providing the best nutrients and water in line with our produce.

We observe our crops at all stages of growth, analysing absorption rates and adjusting water levels accordingly to reduce and subsequently eliminate run-off and evaporation, which increases crop output.


At Bothkamp Australia Farm we are dedicated to providing the highest quality produce.

We monitor up-to-date and reliable weather forecasts and various external threats on a daily basis, which allows us to accurately predict produce supply in advance, helping to maximise efficiency and quality along the supply chain.

By adopting efficient farming methods, we are able to provide our consumers with quality produce, superior taste and best seasonal availability.

We’re proud to be affiliated with the Australia Melon Association. This means our melons are grown by Australia farmers for Australian consumers, and we produce melons in healthy soils with an abundance of natural sunshine and clean water.

Food Safety

At Bothkamp Australia Farm we are committed to delivering fresh produce that is farmed to global food safety standards.

We have achieved the Fresh Care V4 Accreditation for food safety and quality which ensures our farm maintains up-to-date quality assurance and safety processes. This means careful management of soil, water, chemical and microbial conditions, while maintaining high standards on texture, colour and flavour quality.

In 2012 Horticulture Australia Ltd initiated a project to harmonise food safety certification requirements for the major retailers in Australia. The result of this project is the Harmonised Australian Retailer Produce Scheme (HARPS).

HARPS is a retailer-led scheme designed to assist with compliance to food safety, legal and trade legislation for suppliers to the major grocery retailers in Australia. Bothkamp is proud to hold HARPS accreditation as we continue to produce quality and safe food for our Australia consumers.